What Are The Instructions To Use Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts?

Do you want to save the time while using Gmail? Is your typing speed slow? Or, do you have less time to check your account? Don’t worry, reading this blog will help you a lot to save time while using this email service. There is a simple way to spend fewer hours on email i.e. using Gmail shortcuts. Many of us don’t know this feature of our email system. This makes email easier and saves a lot of time.

What Are The Instructions To Use Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Before activating Gmail shortcuts, there are few shortcuts to use in this email service.

  • Select data- Enter key
  • Moving backward and forward through menu-up and down keys
  • Adding blind copy recipients to an email-Ctrl + Shift + c from New Message screen.
  • Changing sent from address-Ctrl + Shift + f
  • Moving the cursor the main screen-Shift + Esc
  • Some other shortcuts are:
  1. Press A button to open the new message to send to all message recipients. Enter your message contents and then press Tab + Enter key simultaneously to send the message.
  2. Press S key to add the message to the starred folder.
  3. Press V key to move the conversation to a different label.

These are the shortcuts which are already turned on in Gmail account. To use other shortcuts, activate them from the settings.

The steps are as follows:

  • Open your Gmail Inbox by signing into your account.
  • Click the settings icon located in the top-right corner.
  • Select Settings option from the drop-down list to open Settings screen.
  • In the General tab, locate Keyboard Shortcuts in the middle of the screen.
  • Scroll down the page until you find the option and select Keyboard shortcuts on.
  • Scroll down the page again and click Save Changes button.

This really saves one’s time and one can use these shortcuts when he has to send an urgent message or having less time to check his account. Don’t panic to see a large list of Gmail shortcuts, just use those which can really help you and perform them daily to learn fast. A user can have a print out of this list to learn daily or keep it nearby the computer table for the reference.

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